2020 Eating Ice Cream Shouldn’t Hurt!

It’s 90 degrees outside… summer’s here!  The best part of the day?  Eating some sweet, cold ice cream!  Does the thought of eating ice cream make you cringe though?   Sensitive teeth and gums can be more painful when eating ice cream along with all sorts of other hot and cold foods and drinks.  But never fear! Here’s some ways to get rid of your sensitivity:

Sensitive Teeth:

A) Stop brushing so hard. Hard brushing can wear down the enamel of your tooth to expose the sensitive second (and yellower) layer of dentin.  Try using a soft toothbrush with gentle circular motions while you brush.  Electric toothbrushes are great because they let you know if you are pressing too hard.

B) Acidic foods and drinks : Citrus fruits, soda, and tea have a lot of acid. Brushing often between these drinks can help remove the acid or even try finishing the acidic foods and drinks within one sitting – i.e. a meal and rinse with water right after.  Don’t sip on soda or tea all day.

C) Grinding your teeth : Grinding your teeth can wear on the enamel of your teeth or cause cracks. Custom fitting mouth guards will be more comfortable and will protect your teeth during stressful situations and/or sleeping

D) Teeth whitening : Too much whitening can make your teeth extremely sensitive. Take a break of a couple days between sessions if not longer and see if that helps with the sensitivity. 

Sensitive Gums : Sometimes the gums will recede and expose the root of your tooth which can be very sensitive. Have your dentist or a periodontist check and see if there is a loss of gum tissue and if it can be replaced. 

There are many ways that we can combat sensitive teeth. Sometimes it is as simple as a fluoride treatment, or even coating the exposed tooth in a thin layer of filling material.  Other times, there are take home solutions such as Colgate’s Anywhere Anytime gel that allow you, as the patient to alleviate the pain when it happens without having to come in and see us.  Questions?  Give us a call @ (804) 360-0355. 



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