Sleep Apnea Treatment


Sleep Better Live Well

Do you suffer from Sleep Apnea ?

It’s been estimated that one in fourteen Americans suffers from sleep apnea. This condition is generally associated with loud snoring, short or stagnant breathing, and snorting noises that the patient makes while sleeping. Sleep apnea has also been linked to a number of serious medical conditions such as hypertension, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, asthma, and depression.


How can your Dentist help with Sleep Apnea ?

Ask yourself these questions first : 

    • Do you suffer from clenching, grinding or gritting your teeth?
    • Have you ever had an expander for braces?
    • Does your tongue have marks on it from pressing your tongue up against your teeth all the time?
    • Do you snore or have you been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)?
    • Do you suffer from restless sleep?

These are just a few questions that simply answering yes to can open up a new treatment option.  Oral appliances are commonly used to help grow the airway to decrease the symptoms of sleep apnea and ultimately, snoring.  Built with a long-term solution in mind, Village Family Dentistry is proud to provide Vivos oral appliance therapy for adults and children alike.  We are looking to provide a more definitive solution for our patients than having to be hooked up to hoses for the rest of their lives. 


Stop snoring and Live well! 

Ready to sleep better and live well? Most private instances cover oral appliance therapy. Oral appliances are non-invasive and do not require surgery. Most patients experience relief within a few days or weeks. Schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Patel. Call Now (804) 360-0355 or Make an appointment today or email [email protected] for more info.